What People Say

“Hi Gen, Just wanted to let you know I have finally signed the contract. Time for a little celebration after such a long process! And they did increase the initial offer so that was a win. Thanks again for your support. Best wishes, Nelly” (March 2018)

“Thanks Genevieve for your follow up email. I’ve started a new job recently which I hope will be continuing. If the situation changes I’ll be in touch with you. Thanks again for all your support and guidance.” ~ Rajan (June 2018)

“Hey, just got the call that I got the job!! Thanks so much for your help and support.” ~ Suzie (June 2018)

“Hey Genevieve – Just to let you know I am now employed full time at Carmens. Just want to say a big thank you for the preparation of my paperwork which in turn helped me secure this job. Have a great day.” ~ John (June 2018)


“Just a quick note to inform you of the good news being that I start next week as a Project Manager with a building company, very happy and excited for the future in this space. Thanks for your support and guidance over the last 12 months.” ~ Adam, Bendigo (Oct 2017)

“Hi Gen – I wanted to let you know that I got the job! Job searching can be a stressful process and the time you spent on reformatting my resume and assisting me with my application was so valuable. Your wealth of knowledge and calm supportive approach was so reassuring for me. With much gratitude.” ~ Anon, Castlemaine (Feb 2017)

“Yes, I had the interview and I got it!! I’m absolutely over the moon! Gen, I’m so glad I listened to you about not pulling out of the applications. I have totally changed my outlook and now I’m excited about what’s ahead. It’s also been a huge boost to my confidence.” ~ Anna (Aug 2016)

“Thought I would drop you a note to let you know that I just got a new job…Thank you so much for your help earlier this year in getting my resume up to spec.  Couldn’t have done it without your insight.” ~ Maria, Castlemaine (July 2016)

“I just wanted to let you know that the wonderful resume you did for me helped me get a new job yesterday. Still in retail but different line. So thank you very much.” ~ Jacki, Melbourne (Mar 2016)

“I recently consulted with Gen to improve not only my CV, but also assist me with job applications and interview preparation. Gen is a passionate professional whose advice I found to be invaluable when applying for a new position. As a professional myself, I was more than impressed with Gen’s level of expertise and ability to assist me. If you’re serious about taking the next step in your career then I highly recommend Gen” ~ Greg, Castlemaine (Jan 2016)

“Thanks for making me aware of this job in the first place back from March earlier this year because it’s nice to hold down a line of work and earn some much needed dosh.” ~ Rob, Bendigo (Dec 2015)

“With passion for what she does, a solid background in HR, and an ability to draw out the best qualities in people – Gen is the perfect career coach! With her help, I decluttered my CV, made achievements pop out of the page and got rid of interview nerves before the big day. It was lovely to share the news of my new role with her, as it felt like a win for the “team”. Need a career coach? Call Gen!” ~ Mek (Aug 2015)

“For anyone needing help with their resume, cover letters or coaching for interviews etc contact The Good Life Careers. I met with Genevieve and she helped me in so many ways. I highly recommend her service – I left feeling a lot more confident in myself and with a great resume. And the best part is I may have found a job. Can’t get any better than that.” ~ Sue, Castlemaine (June 2015)

“Genevieve was extremely helpful, easy to approach, always available and very prompt in responding to calls/queries.” ~ Faye (Mar 2015)

Simply put, Gen is an outstanding resource for anyone in the job market, no matter how much experience you have. Her insights and coaching definitely brought me to a higher level that I didn’t know existed. I highly recommend you seek her out.” ~ Chris, Melbourne (Jan 2015)

“Gen’s skilled & magical touch has revamped my humble CV. I am VERY grateful for her able assistance, as it would have taken me ages. Those job interviews are just around the corner!!” ~ Amanda, Castlemaine (Dec 2014)

“I found working with Gen to be absolutely wonderful. It was great to get some advice on my resume and covering letters. Gen was really easy to talk to and was always there to talk via email communication which was really reassuring.” ~ Dianne, Melbourne (Sept 2014)

“Hi Genevieve, just to let you know I start a new job on Monday. Thanks for all your help with interview tips and encouragement” ~ Janet (July 2014)

“Thank you so very much for all your help even on the weekend which I was impressed with, thank you for tweaking my resume and re-doing my cover letter and even down to advising me what to wear and say at the interview, you are truly awesome. Thanks again and if I or anyone I know needs help I will be sending them your way…” ~ Anna, Castlemaine (Apr 2014)

“Just letting you know I got two (part time) jobs on my second interview so I start in a couple of weeks … so thanks again for the resume help and here I go on the next chapter on my work journey.” ~ Nicole, Castlemaine (Apr 2014)

“Thanking you for your kind and greatest assistance during my coaching time.  And most especially for revising my resume.  It was the most appealing and selling point for my career.” ~ Elena, Melbourne (Mar 2014)

“I had my resume done by Gen at The Good life Careers, and was more than happy with the result. I found Gen to be friendly and helpful, and made the whole process very easy. I would happily recommend her services to anyone looking for work, or looking at changing their career.” ~ Tammy, Harcourt (Feb 2014)

“I want to thank you for your assistance with my resume and job application – I know it is your job but working with you has taught me a lot and given me confidence (that I was really lacking) in this area.”  ~ GG, Castlemaine (Dec 2013)

“Thanks to Gen, I landed my dream job. It’s as simple as that.  Gen coached me through the process of crafting a successful cover letter and formulating strong interview responses. Her warm and intuitive approach made me feel at ease straight away. She is honest and frank, which is what you want if your aim is to yield results. And I noticed the benefits instantly. It was the best money I ever spent.  If you are hesitating, I recommend that you give Gen a call. It will only make your day better.” ~ Marion, Marketing Manager (Nov 2013)

“Can’t thank you enough for the support, I’m sure it prompted me to have no fear and march up the street on Thursday.  I enquired about work at my favourite clothing shop…and was offered a job!” ~ Jodie, Perth (Nov 2013)

“After all my work and life experience, the piece of paper that represented me was selling me short by being too long and complicated.  To make matters worse (and unbeknownst to me), new electronic recruiting systems could not read the format of my current Resume which explained the automatic rejection emails I was getting when I seemed perfect for the job.  I was losing confidence and Genevieve turned all that around.  Within one hour of her looking at my Resume and working through the problem areas, it became clear I had far too much to offer to give up. Now I feel confident again and the world is my oyster” ~ Kathleen, West Footscray (Oct 2013)

“It was helpful the way Gen explained behavioural interviewing techniques and how to respond with answers which gave context, actions and result. It’s been some time since I’ve gone for an interview so I felt I needed to get up to speed again.  The most useful thing was getting to have a run-through of the interview the night before – it helped to get me in the zone! I’d definitely recommend Gen’s coaching to friends, in fact I have already!” ~ SA, Castlemaine (Oct 2013)

“I did it – I found a job!  I had a good feeling when I had a comment about my resume being very professional, I cannot thank you enough for your expertise & assistance with the presentation” ~ Gill, Kyneton (Oct 2013)

“Appreciated your presentation at the ALIA New Grads workshops last night!  Useful and insightful” ~ Attendee at Interview Skills Presentation, RMIT (Sept 2013)

“Thank you for donating your time to make our Interview Skills Workshop so successful” ~ The ALIA New Grads Committee (Sept 2013)

“It was very rewarding meeting you on Tuesday as l feel it was good to be able to speak to someone other than family and friends. I felt so much better after the meeting and maybe a little excited to find out what the future could hold for me work wise.” Anon, Melbourne (May 2013)

“Working with Genevieve helped me realise what I ultimately wanted to do professionally.  I was assisted in drawing up an excellent application cover letter and resume and gained confidence in my job search.  I was excited to report that I got the job I wanted – as a Librarian! Thank you to Genevieve for being friendly, positive and providing open communication” ~ Susannah, Melbourne (Jan 2013)

“I had been out of the workforce for a period of time when I met with Gen who helped me by teaching me the skills I needed to find a job.  We worked through identifying the types of roles I was best suited to apply for, refined my resume and drafted a great cover letter.  Within weeks I had an interview lined up and thanks to the preparation advice and coaching, I was soon offered the role.  I was thrilled that I’d found a great job so soon and I appreciate the support Gen gave me” ~ Lisa, Castlemaine (May 2012)