The Wonder of Remote Interviewing


A Prague job interview for an Irish woman travelling in Rajasthan, by Genevieve Ward

This month I’ve taken some time out from my business to travel through parts of India. My partner and I are two thirds of the way through a tour of Rajasthan, where we’ve visited palaces and forts, walked through small farming villages and market places, interacted with some of the local people and enjoyed their delicious food. It’s been an amazing experience so far.

Our tour group comprises 12 people from Germany, Canada, England and Ireland and we are an amiable bunch, experiencing Intrepid’s Classic Rajasthan for 15 days. Today at lunch we were discussing who would be up for a game of water polo later. Oh yes, how exciting to be staying in a 300 year old castle with its own pool. Luxury!

One of the girls from Ireland, June (pictured below), said she wouldn’t be able to play because she had a Skype interview. Being a career coach, of course my ears pricked up over this statement. June has been applying for work teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) in Czechoslovakia. She has already had a couple of interviews, and job offers, but they haven’t been the “right” job. The upcoming interview is for a role teaching English to children aged four to 14 in a school in Prague. June’s pretty keen on this one.

I asked June if she was nervous and she replied “no, I don’t get nervous for interviews”. When asked about her preparation, she said that she did some reading up on the school and she’d had some recent interview experience, plus her experience as a primary school teacher in Ireland will help her feel ready for any questions. June also said that one interview she had (with a different school) was pretty tough, where the interviewer really grilled her about grammar. She felt he came across as sarcastic and whilst she wasn’t offered the role, she didn’t think it would be the right work environment for her.

In preparing for the Skype meeting, June was a little concerned that the wifi wasn’t going to be great as we are in a small town and it may not be strong enough to get a video signal. She had prepared to do a phone interview in case, with a further option to postpone for a day where she will have access to better internet services.

Early evening, whilst a group of us were relaxing by the pool, June showed up announcing “I got the job!” which was promptly followed by a round of applause, well done’s and woo hoo’s. She said the interview went really well, lasting 45 minutes and that the conversation was fairly relaxed. She felt it had helped that she had sent in a four minute video of herself showing her teaching methods in practice, plus her written responses to the interviewer’s questions. They decided to go with voice only Skype too.

June will be celebrating tonight as she plans to start her new adventure next month. The rest of us will be celebrating our water polo match where we were all winners!


Click here for tips on preparing for a Skype interview.

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One thought on “The Wonder of Remote Interviewing

  1. Great post! What an opportunity to observe first hand processes that don’t occur too often in your everyday work. 🙂

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