Last Minute Interview Checklist

checklistYour hard work in preparing an awesome job application has paid off and you are called up for an interview.  You know you can do the job, and are feeling confident about discussing what skills and experience you can bring to the role and the organisation.  Now, how do you keep your nerves in check in the lead up, to avoid that feeling of forgetting something?

Take a deep breath and get these details in order, then you’ll be stepping into the interview with an air of confidence:

  • Double check the time, date and location
  • Try on your interview outfit to make sure it’s clean, pressed and appropriate
  • Know who will be interviewing you and their role in the business
  • Prepare meaningful questions to ask the interviewer(s)
  • Research the company’s website to enable you to understand the business, such as services, locations, who’s who, core values and vision


  • It’s a two way discussion where you are also assessing if the position and the organisation’s culture is right for you
  • First impressions count, so be courteous to everyone you meet
  • Practice your prepared responses with a friend so you are in the zone
  • Don’t make excuses
  • Switch your mobile to silent
  • Be genuine and relax!

I can help you prepare some structured responses to behavioural interview questions and provide guidance to help hone your interview style.  This is your big chance to show the hiring decision makers that you are the best candidate for the role, and it’s a good feeling to end the interview feeling proud that you gave it your best shot.

To help you shine at interview contact Gen here.