Seeking Feedback

When it comes to final stage of the interview process and it’s between you and one other applicant, you can congratulate yourself for making it here. You’ve put in a great effort with your resume, cover letter, interview(s), and perhaps some psychometric testing or even a role play! You expect the phone to ring at any moment and fingers are crossed for positive news. In preparation for the outcome being against you, remember to thank them for the opportunity, but also ask the recruiter ‘How did I interview?’…or … ‘What could I have improved on?’

People will respect that you are seeking feedback and will be happy to give you some constructive advice. Sometimes they offer it without being asked! In my early job hunting days I missed out on a marketing coordinator role (not sure why I applied for this as I’d just finished studying HR!!). The hiring manager suggested I try paraphrasing the question back to the interviewer. For instance, ‘The skills I can bring to this marketing role include…’ This can help calm nerves and buy a little thinking time.

I was recently talking with the Principal of my son’s school about tips for teachers applying for work. She stressed the importance of seeking feedback and shared some key advice from early in her career….”At interview, always remember to smile!”