How to Add a Right Hand Tab

My last blog post focused on Footers and Page Numbers. Now I’m going to show you how to format your resume with Right Hand Tabs (or plainly Right Tabs). Before we start, I recommend turning on the Paragraph Symbol which can show the paragraph marks and other hidden symbols (such as tab arrows and space bar dots) more clearly.

Activate Paragraph Marks by going to the “Home” toolbar and clicking the Paragraph Mark icon (as shown below).

Paragraph mark

You can turn this function off once you’ve finished by clicking the Paragraph Mark icon again.

Adding/Setting a Right Tab

Right Tabs are handy for moving the dates in your resume to the right hand side of the margin. This looks effective and can be space saving where you either tab across from the company you worked at or the role you held.

  1. Set your curser on the line where you wish to place the Right Hand Tab
  2. Click the Tab Symbol to toggle to the Right Hand Tab symbol. This looks like a backwards L (as indicated by the red arrow in the left hand side of the picture below).
  3. Now click on the Ruler Bar at the right margin as shown by the red diamond in the picture below).
  4. In your document, tab across once.  this should take you to the right hand side of the page.  Start typing your information, eg. Jun 2008 – Mar 2014.

Right TabRight hand tabs are also useful when preparing an application letter. The following screen shot shows an example of a cover letter where the address is set to the right of the date. I have used a right hand tab for the address, mobile and email information.

Cover letter right hand address

I’ve seen many cover letters where the writer’s address is either on the left hand side of the page or right justified, but not aligned with the date.  By setting a right tab means that your contact information is aligned with a more professional and business like appearance.

Adjusting the Tab Stop Position

I have shown you the quick way to add a Right Hand Tab by clicking directly on the ruler bar. To adjust the position of this tab you can either click and drag the tab symbol to a new position on the ruler, or you can double click on the tab symbol and this will take you to the Tabs window (shown below). Here you have options to adjust the Tab, clear the tab, set new tabs and change the alignment.

Tab Stops

Another way to access the Tabs window is shown here.

One last thing to note is to remember to toggle back to the Left Hand Tab symbol (left of the ruler and shaped like an L) if you want to add Left Hand Tabs on the same line or elsewhere in your document.

For more formatting tips, check out my post on Adding a Footer and Page Number to your resume.