Ready, Set, Go! Let’s Get Organised

Ready Set Get OrganisedSo, the countdown to Christmas is on. Typically, a busy time of year socially and in the work place where suddenly deadlines need to be met before people take holiday leave.  For job seekers it can be a time to get applications in before the quiet period starts. Here’s a tip – hopefully other job seekers are taking a break, thereby reducing the competition.

I won’t deny that I’m a list person and lately things have got a little out of hand.  We’re talking back of envelopes, whiteboard, post-it notes, notebook (Spirax, not Mac) and my iFriends ~ iPhone and iPad.  Earlier this week I even created an Excel spreadsheet thinking a weekly schedule will keep me moving forward with my business.  Unfortunately my multitude of lists has lead to a scattergun approach and some procrastination.  I was due to write this blog post two days ago!! Continue reading “Ready, Set, Go! Let’s Get Organised”