The Path to a Clear Mind


I’m the type of person who has a busy mind.  I’m a thinker.   Thousands of thoughts running through my head.  Constantly.  This is not so uncommon as we apparently have up to 70,000 thoughts per day.  I found this out by participating in a Webinar on Mindfulness for Career Practitioners, run by the professional organisation CDAA and facilitated by Katrina Howard.  I was enlightened by what was shared.

Mindfulness is about taking a moment or two to stay with one thought or feeling.  It is a way of being present for all the moments in our lives.  Even by asking ourselves ‘what went well today’ and reflecting on and acknowledging those thoughts. Many of us are juggling busy jobs and families, we find ourselves falling into bed at night, only to wake to do it all again tomorrow.  Benefits from introducing mindfulness techniques into our lives include:

  • Reduced mind chatter and anxiety
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Improved concentration
  • Renewed optimism, self esteem, confidence and motivation

How do we practice mindfulness?  There are many fabulous meditation techniques – such as listening to a soothing audio of rainforest sounds or a calming voice talking through relaxing visualisations.  Check out your local yoga class to see if they include a meditation or relaxation session.  My friend and professional associate Olivia Downing runs Mindfulness Workshops for Parents in Melbourne and has put together a free 5 minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness in your Job Search

Mindfulness can be beneficial when changing jobs or careers.  For instance:

  • Calming nerves at interview
  • Reducing feelings of stress when transitioning to a new role
  • Communicating positively with people about your changing circumstances

I practice Hatha Yoga and attend a weekly session through Castlemaine Community House.   The Yoga class includes 20 minutes of relaxation and I find myself embracing my day with a clear mind and a feeling of calmness.

For me professionally, being mindful manifests in how I engage with clients by being curious about their experiences and listening with compassion and empathy.

For the altruistic folk, you might consider being involved with the cause Mindful In May helping bring clean water to those living in Rwanda!  Seek sponsorship to practice meditation for 10 minutes per day for the month of May.  Where do I sign up?