Going the Extra Mile

Above The MarkWhen employers are assessing job applications, one of the things they look for is how you can add value to their organisation. As they review your application or listen to your interview responses they will want to know what makes you stand out above the others. Similarly, when potential clients want to hear about my career coaching services, I let them know that I not only help with writing their resume, but also give extra job search tips in our discussions and keep an eye out for suitable job opportunities.

Are you a high achiever? Start thinking about your message of how you go above and beyond in the workplace? Here’s some tips to set you on your way:


When detailing your achievements include the benefits of your actions. Perhaps you’ve put up your hand to host a fundraising event. Maybe you are recognised as the “go to” person for something and coached others from time to time. Have you been invited to speak at a conference or asked to attend specialist training? These are important things to highlight on your resume.

Cover Letter

Include a sentence or two describing something you’re proud of. Have you been promoted in a short period of time or worked on challenging projects? Here’s an example of where a Sales Manager for a major whitegoods brand wrote about going outside her job description:

 “I trained myself on ABC Store’s inventory system which enabled me to efficiently gather information relating to sales, back orders and stock levels.”


During interview, be prepared for opportunities to share your success stories. If you are asked the question ‘tell me about yourself‘ you can respond with a brief outline of your career, skills and experience followed by how you add value. For instance,

“I keep up to date with current trends by reading publications related to this field and I recently attended at an industry conference at my own expense.”

Think about where your contributions have made a difference at work and don’t be afraid to emphasise these in your resume, cover letter and at interview.

How have you exceeded people’s expectations?