Telling Your Story

Creating YourselfPeople love to hear what you’re up to.  Everyone’s got a story to tell.  How do you make it work well for you?

When I set up my career coaching business in 2012 I was so busy mastering basic bookkeeping that not much thought was given to my business branding.  I was good a working through my lists, setting up resources and planning how to market, but I hadn’t considered my message about what I do.

At the time I met a marketing guru Marion Lecesne and we spent some fun days working on The Good Life Careers’ communication and marketing strategy.  Two key messages were to:

  • Live and breathe my vision and values, and talk about my work naturally to people when they ask what about I do.
  • Use social media to engage with my connections by asking questions, sharing information and joining discussions.

Since putting this into practice I quickly gained new clients and it opened opportunities in the way of invitations to speak at events and being directed to informative articles and books.

These communication tips also apply to my job seeking clients when telling their story.  For people who are transitioning their careers, it’s important to speak positively about how you’re exploring exciting and new challenges in your career.

When asked at interview or out networking, “So, tell me about yourself” have an impactful two minute pitch prepared that you can deliver confidently (and authentically).

Be active on Linked In by making sure it highlights your skills, experience and knowledge or expertise, plus communicates clearly the type of roles and organisations you’re interested in.

When you’re next out for coffee with a friend what impression will you make?