Getting Interviews, But Not Job Offers

It can be tough when you’ve had an interview for your ideal job and it’s offered to someone else. It often leaves you questioning ‘Where did I go wrong?’ or, ‘What could I have done better’ or simply, ‘Why didn’t they pick me?!’ 

InterviewEven when you ask for feedback it can sometimes be unclear, especially if you are getting the well-used line, ‘The other person’s qualifications (and/or experience) were more aligned with the requirements of the position’.

Here’s five things to consider when you’re not the chosen one:

  1. Did you display a positive attitude and give a sense that you really want to work there?
  2. Reflect on what you thought went well and not so well. Take notes for next time.
  3. There’s an element of luck when applying for work – you don’t know who you are up against and hopefully next time the competition won’t be as high!
  4. You are only in control of giving your best and leaving the rest to the hiring managers. So being well prepared will certainly increase your chances.
  5. An interview can be a networking opportunity – stay in touch via LinkedIn. You never know who they know or if another suitable position will come up in the organisation.

It can be hard to stay positive at this time. Acknowledge any negative feelings such as disappointment or down heartedness. Its normal to feel this way. Remember to celebrate the fact you made it to interview and it’s always good practice when this one doesn’t go your way.

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