Being Paid for What You Love

Change Quote Lao TzuI admire people who recognise that their chosen job is ‘not for life’ and then do something about it. My Mum started studying for a university degree in her 40s and has since transitioned from working as a Personal Assistant to working in mental health as a Carer Consultant – a role which she thoroughly enjoys.

Being open to a new career path and exploring ways to make this happen, can pay off when you find yourself being paid for what you love. Here’s a couple of career change stories to give you some inspiration:

Cheers, Gen

Random Acts of Kindness

I’m currently reading a book by social researcher, Hugh Mackay called The Good Life. In his preface Mackay describes:

“This type of life is marked by a courteous respect for others’ rights, a responsiveness to others’ needs (including, most particularly, their need to be taken seriously) and a concern for others’ wellbeing. A person living this life will be motivated by kindness and compassion.”

When I reflect on my own values and actions I hope that this is the life I’m living. Last year I noticed an article in our local newspaper, the Bendigo Advertiser, which asked people to share stories about their random acts of kindness. For instance – giving someone a smile, visiting an animal shelter, and making your workmate a cup of tea. I’d like to think most of us do these things without too much thought. Continue reading “Random Acts of Kindness”

Delaying the Inevitable

Best Way to BeginEver heard the saying ‘Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today’? I recall my mum using this phrase when I was a teenager and watched a lot of television to avoid studying. Now, I’m having those moments (or hours) where instead of doing business stuff, I’m eating chocolate and catching up on the latest episodes of Rake. Yes folks, I’m procrastinating.

I’ve started thinking about what changes I need to make to improve my business. I’ve identified that the hard stuff for me is making sales calls. I’m good at the softer side of marketing via social media, posters and paid advertising. I do well with networking as I love getting out in the community. However, when it comes to contacting businesses to talk about what I do, I feel out of my comfort zone. So, how do I change this? Continue reading “Delaying the Inevitable”

Make It Happen

Make It HappenThe weather has been crazy hot here in Central Victoria and it can be hard to stay motivated.  I put together this inspirational quote for my Facebook page and, since posting it, I’ve achieved some great things:

  • I lined up an interview on local radio to promote my business
  • I set up a meaningful networking meeting
  • I encouraged my partner to lean in at an important work meeting and he got the result he wanted

I hope you’ve had some wins this week!

Cheers, Gen

Backing Yourself

Confident RoosterWhen I was assessing my goals last year, a trusted advisor helped me realise that I wasn’t backing myself enough with my business.  She was right, and I thank her wholeheartedly for encouraging me to get serious, make some courageous decisions and act on them.

On reflection, my milestones for 2013 include creating a vision statement, a fresh logo and brand identity, monthly blog posts, a social media presence and a realistic marketing strategy.  The pay-offs have seen me help many local people with their job search skills plus my growing presence in the community as the person who helps job seekers achieve their career goals.

I find inspiration in the words of philosopher Henry David Thoreau: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams – live the life you’ve imagined!

My message for those looking for work or changing careers in 2014 is to never underestimate your potential, be positive in your approach and back yourself.  This will create the right energy to put you in a place to achieve what you want.  The opportunities are out there, so go for it!

Cheers, Gen

Servicing Your Career

Now that Spring is well and truly here and the grass (and weeds) are growing faster than ever, talk turns to gardening and the perennial gripe that the mower doesn’t work properly.  Have you heard of the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  Just like your garden machinery your career can sometimes use a little love and attention to make sure you’re ready when a job opportunity steers your way.


It doesn’t matter if you are chugging along in your world of work or you’re on the hunt for a new job, tick off these three things and you’ll be ready to spring into action:

  1. Rev up your resume – Is your resume marketing you?  Does your career summary highlight your strengths and make it clear to the reader the role and industry you are targeting?  Do your achievement statements include power words such as “strengthened”, “managed” and “improved”?  Having a stand out resume ready to send off will speed up the chances of a call to interview.
  2. Pump up your network activity – In a previous post I stressed the importance of building and maintaining meaningful relationships.  Every contact is important whether it’s at work, the newsagent, the cricket club or your art class.  Word of mouth is a powerful thing.
  3. Check your happiness gauge – Do you watch the clock for knock-off time and wonder whether you could be in a more fulfilling job?  The first step in kick starting a career change is self discovery.  By taking the time to assess your passions, strengths and values you can start to dream about a more fitting role and put steps in place to reach your goal.

I offer free 20 minute resume checks at our local market in Harcourt to help the community bring their resume up to speed.  How will you put the spark back into your career?

Cheers, Gen

What’s Great About Volunteering?

by Genevieve Ward

Research shows that Australians love to volunteer.  Not surprising really when research also shows that people who volunteer have a greater sense of overall life satisfaction.

Last week I volunteered at the Melbourne Careers Expo where I gave career and resume advice to job seekers.  When I agreed to help out my motives were to do some professional development, network and promote my business.  Landing a client would be a bonus. Continue reading “What’s Great About Volunteering?”

The Path to a Clear Mind


I’m the type of person who has a busy mind.  I’m a thinker.   Thousands of thoughts running through my head.  Constantly.  This is not so uncommon as we apparently have up to 70,000 thoughts per day.  I found this out by participating in a Webinar on Mindfulness for Career Practitioners, run by the professional organisation CDAA and facilitated by Katrina Howard.  I was enlightened by what was shared. Continue reading “The Path to a Clear Mind”