Ready, Set, Go! Let’s Get Organised

Ready Set Get OrganisedSo, the countdown to Christmas is on. Typically, a busy time of year socially and in the work place where suddenly deadlines need to be met before people take holiday leave.  For job seekers it can be a time to get applications in before the quiet period starts. Here’s a tip – hopefully other job seekers are taking a break, thereby reducing the competition.

I won’t deny that I’m a list person and lately things have got a little out of hand.  We’re talking back of envelopes, whiteboard, post-it notes, notebook (Spirax, not Mac) and my iFriends ~ iPhone and iPad.  Earlier this week I even created an Excel spreadsheet thinking a weekly schedule will keep me moving forward with my business.  Unfortunately my multitude of lists has lead to a scattergun approach and some procrastination.  I was due to write this blog post two days ago!! Continue reading “Ready, Set, Go! Let’s Get Organised”

Interview Skills – Info Management & Library Graduates

Last month I was invited by Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) to speak about Interview Skills at RMIT University in Melbourne.  I was joined by Tanya Bramley – Manager of the Swanston Library at RMIT University and Hugh Rundle – Librarian at Boroondara Library Service.  The evening was most enjoyable, especially meeting participants afterwards and chatting with fellow presenters.  Our presentations were sound recorded and can be accessed via New Grads News Online.

How To Open Doors

Handleby Genevieve Ward

The last few weeks I’ve been super busy juggling my business activities between working with clients, marketing via social media, preparing presentation slides, responding to emails and building my professional contacts.  All important and exciting stuff to keep my business moving forward and thankfully my efforts are paying off!  I’ve started working with some local people to hone their job search skills, I’m presenting to graduate librarians on interview techniques and I’ve joined a local think tank.  I attribute these recent successes to networking. Continue reading “How To Open Doors”

What’s Great About Volunteering?

by Genevieve Ward

Research shows that Australians love to volunteer.  Not surprising really when research also shows that people who volunteer have a greater sense of overall life satisfaction.

Last week I volunteered at the Melbourne Careers Expo where I gave career and resume advice to job seekers.  When I agreed to help out my motives were to do some professional development, network and promote my business.  Landing a client would be a bonus. Continue reading “What’s Great About Volunteering?”

Staying Positive in Your Job Search

Sunflowerby Genevieve Ward

Equipped with a fabulous resume and a well-written cover letter, you’ve been busy submitting applications for that perfect job, but frustratingly the phone isn’t ringing.  When you’re in-between jobs or returning to work after a break, seeking employment can test one’s patience and feel disheartening.

So, how do you manage to stay positive in your job search?  Here are my top five techniques: Continue reading “Staying Positive in Your Job Search”

A Well Presented Resume

Resumeby Genevieve Ward

As a Career Coach I often ask business owners, “When hiring staff what do you look for in a resume?”  Some common responses include: legible, not too long, free of typos and meets the job requirements.  In my recruitment experience I found that well presented information about the person’s skills, experience and qualifications certainly made my job easier when reviewing resumes.

So, how do you structure your resume to make sure you get the call to interview?  Here’s three tips to get you started. Continue reading “A Well Presented Resume”